3142 BC, September 6, Saturday —Kish:

Jushur (aka Jucur, Gushur, Gushuru, Ngushur, Gishur, or Gaur) became the first King of Kish. His name means “roof beam.”

The largest, richest, and most powerful cities of Sumer were Ur, Larsa, Nippur, Uruk, Kesh and Zabalam. After the flood, the kingship of Sumer descended from heaven to the new city of Kish. Nippur was the religious capitol.

Wild speculation:

Naturally, this was an affront to Nimrod the Hunter, disastrously trying to build the Tower of Babel to unite the world under one government, religion, tongue and purpose.

3142 BC, October 2 (JC)

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