3505 BC, July 2, Monday –Village of Eight:


Monotheism: 100%


35 (July, 3505 BC est.)

Age Structure:

0-14 years: 80.00% (male 16/female 12)
15-24 years: 0.00% (male 0/female 0)
25-54 years: 8.57% (male 0/female 3)
55-64 years: 0.00% (male 0/female 0)
65 years and over: 11.43% (male 4/female 0) (July, 3505 BC est.)

Median age:

total: 36.5 years
male: 52.9 years
female: 14.7 years (July, 3505 BC est.)

Population growth rate:



Japheth’s wife was the only one still willing to crank out babies. Noah may have been partially responsible with his curse on Canaan when he said, “May God enlarge Japheth.” That meant Japheth would be blessed with a very large family.

She brought forth a male child, and he was named Tubal, which means, most appropriately, “Flowing Forth.”

3505 BC, July 31 (JC)

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