Day 2, 07:15 hours: Captain McNab of EIS-SL1 (Earth Interstellar Spaceship Sloop #1) Dance reporting.

Scouting ahead of the squadron, we spotted a single, slow-moving alien vessel near Proxima Centauri, a Type M6 red dwarf. The small craft was comparable in size to a galleon spaceship from planet earth, but apparently had interstellar capability.

The order was given to lock weapons onto the spacecraft but to not fire until its intentions were determined. Unfortunately, the question of intentions was settled when the alien ship began to fire upon us with very powerful weapons.

We returned fire, but were unable to match what was being unleashed upon us. After the loss of 7 crew members, 30% of offensive weapons capability, and a failed attempt at repairing damage too the hull, I ordered the now enemy vessel to be boarded.

After losing 10 more of our crew, the alien spaceship was successfully captured for a loss of 28 of their crew, including the captain. The three surviving aliens were captured and detained in the brig.

Although we succeeded in winning the battle and saving our ship, this was an ominous beginning to our intended peaceful endeavor to find new places in the galaxy for humans to settle.

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